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How to download a video or song from YouTube

It's so easy to download from YouTube! To copy the URL (full web page address) of YouTube video and paste it into the form at Yonverter is enough. We do the rest for you automatically.

Yonverter makes it easy for you to convert YouTube videos into mp3, mp4, avi and divx formats and download them into your PC, tablet or smart phone. Besides, there's no need to download and install any software to your computer. Yonverter is completely an online service. It works under all operating systems. Using Windows, Linux, FreeBSD or MacOS doesn't matter. Yonverter only needs a web browser!

Copy and paste the address, that's all!

To copy the URL of the YouTube video, you watch, select the link that starts with http://www.youtube.com/ at the address bar of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), then right click and press "copy" button as seen on the screenshot on the top right.

Afterwards, visit www.yonverter.com and right click to the text box that includes "paste the youtube url here" and press "paste". Choose the file format whatever you want to convert the video into. Clicking the "convert & download" button and waiting for Yonverter to convert the video is enough! It takes 1 minute at most to give you the download link. Now it's time to download the file into your computer or smart phone.